As we all know that, instagram is the common application which is used by most of people in recent days. In instagram, there are many features such as posting images, videos, posts, comment, and many more. One can use instagram to enhance their business too. Yes, this is made possible by the instagram likes. In other words it is instagram advertisement.

The launch of the instagram advertising has been received with an open arm by most of the businessman all around the world, which are now able to use the most popular platform to reach over their business.

The people in some specific areas are celebrating this launch greatly. This is mainly because; most of the people are available on instagram than any other social media. So, if they want to promote their business, they just want to do one thing i.e. buying instagram followers and likes. By reading out these things, you may have a doubt in your mind, what makes the instagram likes such a win and how this likes helps the business people. Here is your answer.

Instagram in general will gives higher engagement rate that some other social media platforms. if you are having any active instagram profile, you can notice that, this is far more likely for your post to get noticed, when compared with some other platform. It is also easier to gain more followers in instagram.

The introduction of the advertisements make this even easier to reach the targeted users on the instagram and you can even do some wonders with this instagram likes in an effective manner. The instagram advertisement offers three different type of ad format. They are:  picture, video, and the carousel.

The image advertisements let you use some visual imaginary in order to tell you the story and also appeal your target audience easily to take necessary action, whereas the video advertisement only allow you to propel your idea within 30 seconds. The carousel option is termed as the image advertisement on steroids, this lets you to post multiple images in which the viewers can swipe through. This allows the promoters to use multiple opportunities to trigger an action.

One can also post their site here, and they also have some option to drive traffic to their site through call to action button. We all know that, the most frustrating part while it comes to social media marketing is the triggering engagement. You can easily get lots of likes and comments, but same like that driving traffic to the site is very tricky. But, the Instragram advertisement offers call to action button to the users which allows the businessmen to drive traffic directly to their site. This call to action button is available in all three ad formats.

Since instagram is relatively new and an innovative advertisement platform, this still offers less competitive platform for advertising and reaching the users compared to some other existing social media. Just log in to instagram and start advertising about your business easily.