Attractive designer badass bongs

Smoking has become the one of the unavoidable habit for many people and it seems that the number of smoking people is on rise these days. You can find people smoking everywhere in most of the places except in the places where smoking is prohibited. Though there is nothing useful in smoking the smoking enthusiast do smoking as far as it they want to do it. Chain smokers use to smoke all the day and others use to smoke with some restrictions but they do some every day.  Though it is useless and cost incurring, smoking people don’t quit it as they become addicted to it. They get indulged in smoking with all the possibilities and they find it interesting to try smoking in different ways.


To experience the excitement of smoking people use to try different brands and smoking items. They use tobacco, weeds, cannabis and other items to smoke. The one of the way the smoking people use to enjoy smoking is to use the smoking pipe otherwise called as bongs.  Bong is a word derived from Thai language in which bong means the pipe or tube taken from bamboo. In the olden days the pipe taken from the bamboo is used for drawing the smoke from different smoking items of those days. Later it turned to become in different shapes and designs and the bongs in different designs are called as designer bongs. You can find bongs in shapes such as funny designs, standard designs and plain designs.

Badass designer bongs

The plain design bongs are just a tube like structure with a bowl at one end but the finish will be perfect and glossy. You can find both sleek design and round shaped models in plain bongs. The designer models has shapes such as funny penis, gun, cartoon themes, special designs such as petal designs, feather designs, glass designs and many other models can be found. The one of the best way to find different models of bogs is to search online as there are many different models from different brands. The one of the most famous bong is Badass BongsIf you check online you can find models and designs of bongs with description, price and other details. Steel bongs, glass bongs, acrylic model, sprayed color and other attractive designs.

Use proper accessories

The bong will have a pipe in which a bowl will be attached at the end in which the weed, tobacco or cannabis or any other smoking item is used and the smoking person will draw the smoke in the other end. The tool used to pack the smoking item is called as pipe tamper and the tool used to clean the pipe and the bowl is called pipe cleaner. Once you have finished smoking you have to use the cleaner to clean the pipe so that you can smoke without any hassles next time otherwise the moisture will be in the pipe. Most of the people use lighter but wooden matches can be also used to light the smoking item in the bowl.