Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature Safety for work and leisure

It should not be forgotten that the aspirations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is to serve the professional public. Therefore it includes different security barriers to protect everything that is carried in the mobile. Samsung is also going to make these applications more secure such that the next Samsung Galaxy S9 can become the most secure hone in the world.

In the Note 8, we find the same biometric recognition measures as in the S8 and S8 +. On the one hand, recognizes our face to unlock the screen quickly without touching anything. It is same with the iris that is, scanning our eyes and not confusing them with anyone else’s. Finally, there is the reading of fingerprints. The sensor is next to the camera in the upper back. A location maybe not too comfortable for the height or for unlock when the mobile is on a table. Acknowledgments that we have been able to check firsthand and that are fast and efficient, however, now the face ID feature will be the part of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Nor have they forgotten to introduce Knox in version 2.9. It’s a secure platform that isolates all the tools and contents inside the terminal itself. Something that ensures that there wills no leaks or information theft in the face of external attacks. Along with all this Samsung remembers that its commitment to security with the users stays month by month through its updates. Something that is maintained in Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this way it is constantly protected against new attacks that arise from the Android operating system in general, or against possible attacks against this particular phone. And, the next update in the security apps of Galaxy S9, it will stand alone in the market above the hackers.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature Safety for work and leisure

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not come alone. At least if it is acquired in pre-purchase, the company launches a promotional pack before it goes on sale with which to get the Samsung Dex (160 euros) for free. And that is this workstation that transforms the mobile into a computer now makes more sense. This is influenced by some interesting news as an adaptation of Windows system window to this scheme. Something that allows working with several applications in multitasking, although originally, in the mobile, it was not so and continuous improvements of such kinds will be available to the next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

Also, it is now possible to make video calls directly from the mobile device and see everything that happens on the connected monitor in real time. Something that has enhanced the productivity feature, if that were not enough, Samsung Dex has included new applications along with Note 8 to improve email management, retouch photos, create and edit music or enjoy games through the Twitch platform. Dex platform next generation can be launched with the next Samsung Galaxy S9.