The detailed process of software development

Software development is basically a process of testing, documenting and computer programming or bug fixing which is involved for creating and even maintaining the frameworks or applications which results in the software product. It is also a process of maintaining and writing source code but it even includes that all the things which are involved between conception of desired software through to final manifestation of software, sometimes in the planned and even structured process. Therefore the software development might also include the new development, research, prototyping, reuse, modification, maintenance or more activities which result in the software products.

Development of software

The development of software can also be done for different purposes. There are three common ones which can meet well the specific needs of specific business or client for meeting perceived need of some potential users or for personal usage. Embedded software development is also used for controlling well the consumer products which is require for development process to integrate with development of controlled physical products. The system software underlies the application and programming process and often developed in separate way. this is also a framework which is used for structuring , planning and even controlling process to develop information system.


Wide number of framework have evolved over the years each with own recognized weakness and strength. There are different approach to the software development, some take structured and even engineered based approach for developing the business solution whereas other might take more incremental approach wherein the software evolves as it is developed in piece. The system development methodology is not suitable for all usage by all products. All of these methodologies are best suited for specific projects and based on different team, project, organizational and technical considerations.

The software development is also called as one process which standalone or even the individual software gets created by using specific programming language. It is the one which involves writing series of related programming codes that offer functionality of developed software. This might also be called as the application development and the software design. It is the iterative logical process which aims for creating computer coded or the programmed software for addressing unique business, personal goal, process or objective. It is also generally one planned initiative which consists of different stages or steps which result in creation of the operational software.

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The software developmentis achieved primarily through the computer programming and gets carried out by software programmer and also include processes as initial research, the data flow designing, the process flow designing, technical documentation, flow charts, the software testing, software architecture technique or even debugging. All this is called as SDLC software development life cycle. One can now take their skills to upper level with the courses on popular programming languages, the software practice, developer tools and even the development platforms. Gain deeper understanding of how to build, secure, deploy or even scale all things from web applications to the mobile apps.