Why TV data is better managed by Dativa

TV data are data that you gather from various sources. Surprisingly not just on television, but can also include surveys, online polls, analytics and many more. This type of data is very important to TV channels and even 3rd party websites that provide ratings to tv programs.

TV companies and the likes spend millions of dollars to produce a show in a season and they need data. To b e sure that they are doing right, in order to monitor if there is something that they can do to make it even better. Like feedbacks and ratings to know if they are:

  • Doing good
  • Doing bad
  • If there is a need to do some gimmicks
  • Revise some scripts
  • Add some popular celebrities
  • Shut down the show to never see the light of day again in the next season.

The competition: It’s not entirely about performing good or bad. It’s also about seeing where the competition is at. What the competition is doing why it’s being successful and how that can be managed. What people never realize is that TV programs are like a race, it’s all about ratings, rating, and ratings. Ultimately, ratings determine if it’s a pass or a fail.

Ratings: Ratings does not indicate profit but it does indicate popularity and higher rating means that profit is just around the corner. We need to understand that even though we love a television show or a program. Were crying, laughing and rejoicing, at the end of the day it’s a business and a business thinks not about emotions. But what is good for the business and what is more profitable.

Competitive: It may be a business, but we can’t deny that because of the data that are being gathered, and things that TV networks do. That makes people entertained is something to be applauded for. Because of the right data and proper execution, they are able to provide quality TV programs and shows that people are dying to watch.

This is not an understatement: If you compare the current shows from 10 years ago and today, it’s not bigger, bolder and just better!. This contributed greatly to good data that comes out from various sources. For TV companies that utilizes it in order to be competitive, increase their rating and to continue raising the bar to beat the competition and to stay on top. Because of this increasing trend, you can always expect that the shows and programs that will come out will be better than the last decades of shows.

Dativa has been one of the most sought-after company when it comes to data management and analysis. They are the leading brand that helps TV companies become competitive and up to date. In this world there are two kinds of people, there are doers and there are gatherers. The doers are the companies that make their plan and dreams a reality for all the world to see. While the gatherers are the people gathering the fruits, the gatherers of the wheat that feeds the dreamers, the doers the needed supplement in order to make their move. The dream can only be as good if they have good gatherers that supply them nothing but quality foods. Let dative be your gatherer and you will see results better than what you ever got.